Shipping Details

Summer is a dangerous time for candy! Those warm temperatures can turn chocolate into a melty mess in no time flat. If you live in the Sacramento area, no need to worry -- you can safely get chocolate from Andy's Candy all summer long using our delivery or curbside pickup options. If you live outside Sacramento, we still have plenty of great candy to ship to you (as well as non-candy gift items and cards), but chocolate and other delicate items will need to wait until the fall. Please browse our “Ships Year-Round” category for candy that can be shipped all summer long.


Shipping is $8.99 (flat rate) for order of $30 or more and FREE for $50 or more.

But it's not warm where I live! What's the problem?

We get it. We're bummed too. Here's the issue: temperatures in California, the West, and the South are heating up. Even if your region is still cool, your package will most likely make stops along the way in warm areas. If that happens, you'll end up with a messy chocolate puddle. Too sad for words. The only thing that works for shipping chocolate and other delicate candy in the summer is special packaging, ice, and FAST, shipping, no more than 24 hours. Over time we have determined that shipping chocolate in the summer is difficult, risky, expensive, and just generally not workable in our business model.

That being said, there is a special loophole for customers in San Francisco. Because you are not far and your temps are generally cool year-round, we can usually ship chocolate to SF addresses throughout the year. You lucky folks can fill your cart with chocolate or anything else and choose flat-rate shipping at checkout. It'll leave Sacramento in the evening, ship overnight, and be just fine. Our system is not smart enough to determine if your particular cart items work for your particular zip code, so use your best judgment. If you live in SF and it's cold outside, you're good to go. If you're unsure, just give us a call (916.755.2038) or email

Wait..seriously? You REFUSE to ship chocolate to me in the summer?

If you are truly desperate for chocolate Andy's Candy items and cannot use our delivery or pickup options and have plenty of disposable income, then call our sales line (916.755.2038) to arrange for shipping chocolate in the summer. It's a huge pain and it's expensive for you, but we do have ways to make it happen.


When will you regularly be shipping chocolate again to all areas?

Assuming we are still in business in the fall, we will most likely resume flat-rate shipping when temperatures cool off, usually sometime in September.

Do you ship internationally, or to Alaska or Hawaii, or to PO Boxes?